About Us

Viridis Environmental Consult (Viridis) is a research, advisory and project management service provider in Agriculture development and Natural Resources Management. Principally, our services covers strengthening environmental stewardship, promoting land tenure security and gender mainstreaming, improving food and nutritional security and supporting development of agriculture and natural resources products value chains.

Stregthening Enviromental Stewardship

Biodiversity monitoring, • Mitigating Human-Wildlife/Livestock

Promoting Land tenure and Gender Issues

Capacity Building, Conflict Resolutions, Land Use planning

Food and Nutritional Security

Conservation Agriculture, Climate Smart Agriculture

Agric/Natural Resource Product (NRP) Value Chains Support Services

(Maize, Rice, Sesame, Pepper, Shea, Moringa and Baobao and Tamarind)

Our Mission

To promote innovative integrated solutions towards sustainable agriculture development and natural resources management in Africa.