Our Core Services

Strengthening Environmental Stewardship

  • Development of Community Resource Management Areas and Resource Governance systems
  • Development of Biodiversity Management plans
  • Trans-frontier Natural Resources Management and Corridor Development
  • Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration/Tree Management (FMNR/TM)
  • Biodiversity Monitoring and Patrol development
  • Mitigating Human-Wildlife/Livestock conflicts

Promoting Land tenure and Gender Issues

  • Engage communities to develop land/resources allocation agreements.
  • Build local capacity to resolve conflicts and allocate resources targeting women for leadership and engagement in conflict resolution.
  • Promote Community Land use plan development women.

Promoting Food and Nutritional Security

  • Promote adoption of conservation agriculture (CA) and Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) technologies.
  • Incentivize farmers to adopt improved techniques by addressing land tenure and access rights;
  • promote homestead/dry season gardening for nutrition.
  • Use agroforestry and Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) to diversify farming, increase income/nutrition, and reduce degradation.
  • Employ regionally tested Multiple-Use Water Services (MUS) approach to water service delivery.

Agric/Natural Resource Product (NRP) Value Chains Support Services

  • Facilitate linkages between actors in crops and NRP business value chains
  • Community Engagements for the involvement of farmers and Farmer Based Organizations (FBOs) in the Agric/NRP value chains
  • Strengthening the Capacities of FBOs to become outgrowers for contract farmers
  • Providing support services for the management of FBOs Associations
  • Facilitating access to credit for Agribusiness actors
  • Providing technical assistance and Business Development Services to Agribusinesses